The art of wearing silver pendants

With a few tips to buy wholesale silver pendant at an unbelievable price

Do you also like silver pendant? If so, today is a pleasing day for us. We meet up with professional from Hong Factory, a Thailand’s leading silver jewelry producer, for an afternoon team time. In which they shared with us a lot of useful tips regarding silver pendant and a great way to buy wholesale silver pendants at a reduced price. If you are about to buy a silver pendant or several but do not want to pay a grand for it, stay tuned for more about wholesale silver pendant purchasing guide!

Unlike rings and earrings, silver pendants must be associated with a chain or link to be worn, whether on the neck or wrist. In necklace or bracelet, the jewelry is also part of these jewels that we like to wear every day, regardless of the holding envisaged. However, it is not always easy to know how to wear this pendant that you love so much that it is gold, silver, decorated with stones. Here are some tips to help marry your decorations with your other jewels and your clothing.


The right necklace to wear

First, it is advisable to choose a chain whose material is in line with that of the pendant. Generally, it is better to choose the same metal for both jewels. For a yellow gold pendant, a yellow gold chain is recommended. The same goes for silver. Some pendants, such as gemstones or costume jewelry, can be associated with a leather tie, ideal for a bohemian look.

Chains and links are flexible and suitable for all pendants. The rushes, rigid and generally choker, are instead to wear alone or with a small jewel.
The ideal size of the necklace

The length and thickness of the chain are also to be taken into account. For an imposing pendant, it is better to choose a wide chain. A small pendant will find its place on a fine chain.


As for the length, everything also depends on your jewel. A pendant pearl will be ideally housed in the hollow of the neck at the end of a chain about forty centimeters long, type Choker. The most discreet pendants will also be comfortable to wear with a choker.

Oval pendants, a silver feather, for example, are perfect on a chain that stops at the chest or just below it, in saltire in particular. And the most substantial pendants will be highlighted posed on the bust, at the end of a princess chain of about 45 cm.Wear them right to win the most occasion Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale

For a triumphant look, your jewelry must be chosen in line with your outfit. A pearl pendant will bring an elegant light to a chic and feminine black dress. Long necklaces are highlighted on open collars and necklines, such as a shirt, or dull surfaces, such as a round-neck or turtleneck sweater. Necklaces running along collarbones are perfect with boat neck tops or bustiers; the pendant, a medal, for example, will be perfectly visible.

Also, think about the color of your jewelry and your outfits. Precious and precious stones like contrasts; it’s an opportunity to play on the colors of your wardrobe, winter or summer.


Finally, your pendant can be worn with many other jewels. Currently, mismatch jewelry is very trendy. So you can comfortably wear a gold necklace and silver earrings.

Try it with different necklace

In recent times, fashion is the accumulation of jewelry. To be sure to succeed in your look, choose beautiful chains of various lengths and combine them with fair and discreet pendants. It is also highly recommended to wear a single collar, especially if it is bulky.

You are in the professional hands when it comes to wholesale silver pendants

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